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Joanne has been great for our company.  After our bookkeeper of 7 years left our company we never had accurate financials and we struggled to find a smart, reliable and talented person to replace her.  Since we met Joanne we have been very happy with her company’s ability to get our financials done accurately and on time.  I was concerned at first not having a full charge bookkeeper in house but have found that we are more productive and have set up systems that make us more efficient with our accounting.  A definite recommendation!

Overseeing the finances of a local church has never been a simple task.  Every changing regulations and legal requirements are unlike any other non-profit.  We needed someone with integrity, financial expertise, professionalism, confidentiality and organizational structure.  We needed dependability, innovation, and someone who could simply communicate a complicated spreadsheet or budget reconciliation document.  We found her all wrapped up in one highly gifted person.  Let me introduce Joanne Marks, MSA.  You will not be disappointed in this highly educated, actually brilliant individual.  She can take any business to another level as I have seen her accomplish with us.

Before I became a client of LLJ Group, I was a small business owner with constant low-grade anxiety over money. Since I began working with Joanne, my stress has been replaced with optimism, empowerment, and a clear pathway for increasing income and reducing expenses.